Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall is in the Air

Las Vegas is well known for being the 24 hour city, the (other) city that never sleeps. These days Sir Isaac is taking that a bit too far! It seems he has his days and nights a little mixed up lately. My little Stewie is on an "all or nothing" plan when it comes to sleep. Either he sleeps ALL day and awake all night or he cries ALL day and sleeps (a bit) at night. I have yet to decide which is the lesser of the two evils! A late night drive at 11PM to try to put him to sleep turned up useless. I spent midnite to 5:30 thinking of ways to maintain my sanity during his 5 hour freak out and came up with nothing. Finally I took a long hot shower and cried my eyes out! Had I known the sound of the shower would put him to sleep I would not have put it off so long!
The past week has definitely had some breaking points for both Jason and I. It seems nothing will soothe him. I have read that babies his age typically cry 2 to 3 hours a day and Sleep 16 to 18 hours a day. Once again Little Man has it backwards. Lucky us. I even think Zorro has had his fill of the nonstop screaming. Normally nothing can get his lazy butt off the couch, but one yelp out the little monster's mouth sends him off to quieter pastures! The dogs give us the look of "when are you going to put that thing outside already".

Speaking of outside, the weather here has taken a dramatic turn for the better. Finally we have temps in the 60s and 70s. These are the days when it is (almost) worth living in Vegas! On the flip side, Mommy threw her back out. Literally the back pain is worse than labor - only now i have to carry the baby AND a car seat rather than just waddle around with him in my belly! I blame the car seat for this whole fiasco anyway! They are such torture devices for both baby and mommy! What did parents do before carseats? Whatever it was it had to be OK since most of us are still here!!

Oh MY!!! while typing this I just experienced my first victory in letting him cry it out!!! Albeit a well fed and clean diapered Isaac is laying 6 inches from me wailing away, I decided to let him have his little fit without pulling me in, and it FINALLY worked!! He is finally asleep!! Sweet victory!! UGH!!!!!!!!! My Cell Phone ringing had a sneak attack ambush and the crying is back on!! The gods have foiled me again! I can not wait for teething!! Bring it on!!!

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  1. Hi Nikki & Jason, wish I had a magic answer for you. I'd wave my wand & poof, the little guy would be asleep throughout the night. Alas,this old gal hasn't a solution for you. Just a thought though...if he likes the shower sounds, maybe a loud water fountain would work...I have one you may try that makes a fairly good bit of watery sounds. But then also, doesn't your swing have a section of nature sounds programmed into it? You could tape the water show at the Bellagio & play it back to Isaac. You poor dears...I can just picture Zorro leaving when the crying begins...luky least he CAN leave! Nik, I hope your back feels better soon, cry when you need to & escape whenever the time is right...Tell Jason not to hit the liquor cabinet too hard...heh,heh. Somehow, somewhere, this too, shall pass...(would be nice to know when, huh?) Love to you all, Gramma Berta