Monday, October 12, 2009

8 and Counting...

8 weeks old!! Can you believe it?? I survived! He survived! And amazingly Daddy survived me! Much to my disbelief, it seems I have a new baby in the house!!! We started the Similac Alimentum last week (aptly coined "liquid gold") and literally in hours I have a new baby! My little Alimentum angel! It is amazing what a difference we saw in just one feeding! I wish I could call my pediatrician and shake him silly for telling me Isaac's doesn't need it, but i doubt they favor doctor abuse in the office! Don't get me wrong, he still freaks out all the time and cries for no reason (or what I say is no reason) but at least now he will have 20 to 30 minute stretches of alone time! It is amazing! Well worth the (insane) price!!
Little man is still sleeping in his stroller every night. I finally gave up on the bassinet and took it out of the room. The important thing is that he is sleeping - which means I AM SLEEPING!! Yeah stroller!!
Sir Isaac also had his visit from his cousins and Aunt Gina this week! We had a great time and it was so nice to pawn his screaming head off on someone else! I just hope he didnt scare Bratty off as my lifetime free babysitter!! Not like she has a choice anyway!
Gramma Berta comes to visit this week too! I am sure she will be surprised at how big he has gotten in the few weeks since her last visit! Plus its another mini break for me!! Oh yeah for visitors!!
Unfortunately Mr. Man also got his first taste of life as a member of Red Sox nation. Elimination hurt us both! Alas, his first taste of Sox heartbreak. I am sure there are many more years of that to come. Maybe next year!

Jason and I have also decided now is not the time to venture out into public with little man. I have been crazy about hand washing too! The news has been scaring the bejesus out of me with all the kids dying of the flu! I dont even want to take him to the Dr for his shots! All those little sick rugrats running around wiping their snotnose faces all over the chairs and such...ugh! Maybe ill just give him his shots at home! ha! I hesitate to even buy plane tickets home for the holidays without knowing how bad the flu season will actually get! But i think I may just INSANE if I dont get home for Christmas! I will drive if we have too! Plus we can take Zorro too!! I am sure everyone would love that, except evil Jumper!!!
Well off to get the dogs out of their new doggy daycare - the car! How embarrassing! I put the dogs in the car all morning because they drive me crazy! But they love it!
They dont know they are not moving! The neighbors hate it, but hell with them right!!
As long as they are happy is all I care about!


  1. haha. :)

    aww, i'm so glad he's loving the Alimentum. good news. let's hope those half hour naps turn into hours and hours for you and jason and everyone. :)

    just don't forget what you're doing and leave isaac in the car while bringing the dogs in the house for some alimentum. haha.

    aww. love you all, love the blog! great pics too! xxoo, ralphie

  2. Happy 2-month Birthday, Isaac! Sounds like you are sleeping more & crying less & letting everyone keep grip of their last bits of sanity:) i think the pics are great too, nik--my favorite is the b&w of the two of you lying down together-very sweet!