Monday, October 26, 2009


Weeee'rrreeee back!!! What a past few weeks we had!! If ever there was a time to blog!
First off, the most devastating computer died. I am sure you all heard about it on your local news. It was pretty catastrophic. Lots of tears and screaming. My hard drive sang its final swan song...for the second time! For those of you who dont know what that means (Mom) it means EVERYTHING is, videos, music, everything, Gone. This would also be a good time to refrain from asking me if I backed it up...Enough said there.
But alas, my Lassie is back - blank slate as she may be - Im back in the wonderful world wide web!
Next up we had Sir's 2 month birthday celebration! Grammy Roberta came to visit and had a great time! She got to witness the Isaac freakouts first hand and handled him as only a loving gramma can!! Im sure little Isaac misses her already !! I know Jt and I miss all the extra help!
Speaking of Freakouts, Little Man also had his first round of shots...that was fun! Of course - I cried. When don't I cry anymore? But Daddy was there to hold my...err..our hands and make it better.

On a separate note..,The weather in Las Vegas is finally BEAUTIFUL!! Now is definitely the time to be here! The cool fall breeze is long overdue!
  Milestones for month 2 have been right on schedule! LIttle Man is learning about his hands and how yummy they can be! ugh! And finally he is starting to smile and coo - which is the most amazing thing to see! He has the cutest smile! It amazes me how quickly he goes from smile to meltdown....but when its the other way around, meltdown to giggle, it almost makes the crying bearable!

As if we didnt have enough going on - We are packing up shop again and moving out of our house. Mommy's short temper got her in "trouble" with the landlord and I demanded to be let out of the lease. We figured they would let us out of few months early - but they said now or never...needless to say you can probably guess which option we picked if we are packing! Not that we have any place particular to go - Just wait until Uncle Ronnie has a live in ticking time bomb with stinky diapers! Hopefully it wont be for too long....
Lastly Mommy finally headed back to the gym. UGH! what torture that is! I honestly can say that I absolutely HATE to workout - no matter how i much i do it! But after a month of a broken back I could never imagine how hard it was to go back! Pregnancy was probably the best shape I have ever been in in my entire life and after 2 months off I can barely touch my toes. The back thing really did me in...But I am hoping Day 1 is the hardest and its all down hill from here! Tony I miss you!!! ;)
  We are less than 3 weeks away from the "Magic Month 3" when supposedly everything "falls into place" - I won't hold my breath! But who knows - maybe Sir will shock us all!
Well that's about it for now - my foot is going numb from rocking the stroller as I type - of course little man still sleeps in the stroller! - which by the way, the dr said is completely fine as long as he sleeps. I just wanted to let everyone now we are still alive and well. I miss you guys all so much. Stay tuned for my next post when I tackle my holiday travel dilemas and swine flu vaccinations! I have my Kleenex ready!!!


  1. Wow, he is the cutest!!! Miss you guys! Hope to see you all soon

  2. Even though "the boss(Isaac)" can be a pretty tough customer, I love him to pieces! The smiley photos are just great, he's such a cutie. Happy Halloween, Isaac, hope you get to wear your pumpkin costume tomorrow. Happy pumpkin day to your Mommy & Daddy too. Love, Gramma Roberta