Tuesday, October 6, 2009

7th week stretch....

We are 7 weeks into mommyhood and - as promised, things seem to be getting a little easier - or maybe just a bit more predictable. It is amazing what a difference a week makes in his development! I am already crying at his "baby"pictures and wondering how he got so big so fast!!! For all of my complaining I still want him to stay my baby boy!!! Before I know it my perfect little angel ( and every other man in the world) will be checking out a 15 year old Hannah Montana rocking a stripper pole! (BTW am I the only one who finds the Cyrus clan slightly disturbing? Thank God I had a boy!!)
Finally I am starting to pick up on the cues of his cries - Hungry? Dirty? Tired? They are all starting to have different cries. His formula issues still exist, I finally broke down and bought the Alimentum last nite. I hope this works for him, its compeltely hypo-allergenic so he cant complain about anything!! Although it smells like dog food and my other boys are a bit jealous!! He still needs to figure out his pooping schedule - once every 2 or 3 days isn't working out for us. By day 3 he is all cramped up and cranky, not so fun for any of us! The little bugger is no dummy either - he completely knows the difference between me rocking the stroller in the house and actually going out for a walk. He is definitely going to be an outdoorsy kid - once again Jason's kid for sure!!
Isaac has stared to become more alert these days. His eyes are starting to track mine and the sound of my voice. He has discovered his fingers are yummy too! Now this could be completely coincidental ( I hope!) but i think my little man has already fallen victim to Barney! I put PBS on when he is in his bouncy chair and he miraculously becomes perfectly content when the big purple dinosaur starts bopping around! I swear PBS brainwashes kids! As you can see he is just as serious about his Red Sox!
As for Mommy I am still as discombobulated as ever! My thoughts range from "did that person wash their hands?" to "oh yeah!! maybe i can sneak in a shower today!" It is true you become so consumed with your new bundle of joy you can't possibly remember what you thought of non baby related! I actually tried to make coffee the other morning without adding any water OR grounds to the pot! And forget about little things like personal appearance! I hardly remember what my hair looks like outside of a ponytail! But it is all worth it when he smiles - even if it a poopy face smile!
Miraculously Little man has been sleeping a little better at night! I have given up hope of him sleeping in his crib! He sleeps in the stroller - I am not embarrassed to admit it! I think of it as a crib on wheels! I think he likes the "cave" feel of being all snug in his carseat! But as I learned in a hurry - "go with whatever works!" so Sroller it is!

I am finding Mommy life has also made me look at the world a little differently. It makes you realize that EVERYONE is someone's daughter and son. Everyone was once the center of someone's universe and rocked to sleep each night. It also makes me appreciate my mom so much more!! I can't believe she did this 5 times!!! (yes dad, there are 5 of us... :)) It's unfortunate it takes so long to realize how amazing your parents are - or how much they have gone through to get you where you are. I almost (almost!) feel bad for being such a spoiled brat when I was little! Little Isaac won't ever know all the sleepless nights, tears, or struggles Jsson and I had, or how our world suddenly began to revolve around him the second he came into the world until he has kids of his own. After gladly being peed on, pooped on, and (my favorite) thrown up on daily, I can't wait to remind him of all the havoc he has wreaked and say I told you so!!


  1. Hi Nik, glad to hear things are getting alittle better with isaac. He has grown so much-I hope i get to see the little man soon!!!

  2. Hey Nik--so glad you are having success with the alimentum--maybe there will be no visit to LVFD after all! I think youre being an incredible mom-"3 Dogs & a Baby" is aLOT!! and just keep picking up little man when he cries--he'll never be this little again:)when you look at his first pics on the site & compare them to the most recent, he really is growing SO FAST! what a sweetie!

  3. so first off i made an account case i am sick of reading theses and not being able to write anything back :)) loll..... The pictures are soooo soo cute i can not wait to meet him in about 12 hrs!!!!!i am glad he is getter less cranky he must no that anuty emily is on the wayy! lol buts thats all i got love you guys!