Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Road Trippin!

      Ho Hum! What to do when all the Halloween candy is gone and Mommy and Daddy both have the week off....Let's jump in the car and take a 15 hour drive to Colorado!! Just shy of 3 full months of life Little Man has already seen the sights of Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado! 5 days, 4 states, 3 time zones and 2 exhausted parents leads to 1 amazing Family vacation!
      Isaac was such a trooper on the ride! After waking the little critter up at 2 AM and hittin the highway, we were off! All was going well until we hit that Rocky Mountain High!!! Stupid Mommy didn't even think about the altitude change affecting his ears...that is when the Rocky Mountain Meltdown began! I felt so bad! He cried and Cried and nothing seemed to help him...until he finally (hours later) fell asleep from exhaustion! Poor guy! By the time we got to Jason's Aunt Sue's house he was wiped out! And so were we!
     But the next morning he was up with a big smile on his face and a sure crowd pleaser!  We had a great time at Aunt Sue's amazing ranch in Boulder!  Isaac got his first glimpse of horses, deer, and the amazing dacschunds  Mr, Boges and Joey! While in Colorado we also did some exploring of the "most colorful state". We saw the sights of Colorado Springs, Manatou, the Garden of the Gods, Old Colorado City and Boulder city! A lot of driving for 5 days! But well worth the trip! Although Im sure we have scarred Isaac from ever wanting to get in his car seat again! Who knows maybe he will finally start sleeping in his crib! (doubt it)
     Back in Vegas we are scurrying around trying to get the house all packed up and moved out! Who knew you could accumulate so much junk in such a little bit of time! I blame my mom for that genetic default! And since when does a barely 3 month old need a bigger wardrobe than his mommy and daddy combined??  At this rate I won't have to buy him new clothes till junior high!
    Speaking of Mr. Man (which is  what I am supposed to be doing here, right??) He is growing in leaps and bounds these days! He has finally busted out of his Size 1 diapers and is barely wearing his 3 months clothes! I have tried to get him from stop growing so fast but he just won't listen to me!  He is like an out of control weed - although he is pretty damn cute! And the giggles?? Well they are just to die for...if you can get one! Daddy can...I think they plot against me when I am not around! As if I am not emotional enough!

    We are 6 days away from the magic month 3 when all the chaos falls into place and Isaac magically becomes the perfect Gerber baby! I cant wait! Only 6 more days of uncontrollable screaming and crying for no reason!! 6 more days? I can handle that! Bring on Magic #3!!! Just keep in mind if we don't see any changes come November 17, Jason and I will personally seek all of you "magic Month 3 liars" out! So beware!
   The holiday season will be filled with lots of travel time again(weather permitting of course!) First we are off to Elko for Thanksgiving with Gramma Berta and to meet Grampa Pat! Also I finally booked our plane tickets to NEPA for the holidays!(December 15th) I cannot wait to go home! Little guy will finally get to meet his Nono, Nona, Aunt Kri$$y( that a typo?), & Uncle Mark! Noni will be so shocked at how big he is! I will be scared to death of flying with him until the second we land! More than anything I am scared he will have a freak out and they will have to land the plane in some remote midwest location and kick us off the plane for not being able to control our child! We will end up on 20/20 with Barbara Walters condemning us for being such horrible parents! How embarrassing!Ugh! I don't even have a ready-for-TV-body yet!!
     Well thats all for now! Hope to hear from you all soon and see you at the holidays!

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