Thursday, September 24, 2009

Too Close for Comfort?

Lately I have been taking everyone's advice and little by little, SIr Isaac and I have been venturing out into the "real world" rather than being cooped up in the house all day. I am amazed how involved it has become to do simple errands! A 5 minute errand of dropping off the laundry has become a half hour event with car seats, slings, parking, etc.! No more quicky jaunts to the store either! I can't wait until the weather cools down a bit and the poor guy doesn't sweat his little butt off in the car seat!
As You all know, Little Man has had some fussiness/gas issues due to his formula (ugh! I am such a Bad mom!). I started using Gripe water for some hopefull relief. THe first day I tried it he was an angel - coincidence or not - I was sold! Unfortunately I paid for it the next day when the little fussy monster returned!! But we are sticking with it for now.
I have heard great things (mainly online reviews) about Colic Calm Gripe Water. We searched for it in retail stores, but apparently you can only buy it online - which does me no good when I am holding a screaming baby! Who wants to wait for the 3 day shipping? I suppose i could have overnighted it (because you know that is what they are hoping desparate parents will do!) but the 4 oz bottle goes for $30 and overnighting was an extra $20!! $50 for 4oz! For that price it better prevent him from crying until he goes to college!!
I have found the one trick that really helps him calm down is driving around town with the windows down. He really likes the wind in the car. Unfortuantley I do not have that many places in town I want to go - so we end up driving around aimlessly or browsing at the grocery store for hours on end...but if it keeps him calm I will gladly do it!
Of course being out and about doesn't exactly keep us both happy. As Sir Isaac is all cozy sleeping like a king in the grocery store - I am often left with the onslaught of fellow customers who can't help but take a peek at him. (because he is obviously the cutest baby they have EVER seen!) Taking a peek I do not mind! It's the people who think that taking a peek means that they can touch him that drives me crazy! And that doesn't just go for strangers either! Call me crazy but I really have a hard time when most people want to touch him! Is that so wrong?
I have no problem telling people they can look but not touch - but its hard when it is friends who want to hold him or get a little too close! I do not want to be rude (most of the time), but I don't want their germs either. I have no qualms with telling people to wash their hands first, especially smokers, coughers, kids, hell I even make Jason and Ronnie scrub down after work! All the hype over the swine flu does not help either.
Don't get me wrong, I have never been a germ-a-phobe, but how can you not be when it comes to something so delicate as a newborn's immune system! Why put him at risk? Can you be too careful? Is there really such a thing? Hell, I don't even like people touching Zorro! I am sure if the swine flu were not an issue I would not have so many fears of taking him out or letting other people oogle at him, but it is also my job to keep him safe. I just do not know where the line is between keeping him safe and being obnoxious. I guess for now I will continue to carry my hand sanitizer everywhere and politely tell people Mommy is a little OCD about NOT TOUCHING the baby....what do I care if they think I am weird! It could be worse - I could NOT know I am weird!! :)


  1. Hi nik, hang in there. I know what i'm getting sir isaac---gift certificate for that gripe water!!! Don't worry help is on the way with Emily and Max!!!!

  2. Definitely carry hand sanitizer around with you and be firm about it. I AM a germaphobe and have no problem ( or at least hope I won't ) telling people do NOT touch. The last thing you want is your little baby sick. That would be the pits. Keep on keeping on, girl.