Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy 1 Month Birthday!!

What a difference a month makes!

It's my birthday!

Wow! 1 month already! Seems like just yesterday I was pregnant! A whole month has gone by - I thought I would have the routine down pat by now!! Geez! Motherhood is hard work!! I wonder how mom made it look so easy!
Well little man had a rough morning - it started at 2 am - thats wen he decided the only way he would stop screaming bloody murder was if i held him and paced around my bedroom - who needs the gym rite??
I thought it was too early to over-hold a baby - apparently I am wrong!
Today was Isaac's 1 month check-up - Dr. Blank said he is a healthy happy baby right on target, but i need to stop holdng him so much feeding him quicker ( like i needed the dr to tell me what i already know!)! He is 9lbs (ish, his diaper was pretty heavy!) and 23 inches long! I am not sure where he is getting this height from!!! Jason may start to wonder! NO shots this visit - lucky boy! HE gets them next month. He slept thru the whole visit - even the PKU test! Why won't he sleep for me!!! After 2 hours of waiting all the dr told me was Little man is colicky (duh) but it could be worse (lucky me). He also said dont be surprised if month 2 is worse than month 1 (even luckier me). He thinks it would be a good idea to gradually get him completely on the sensitive formula with a bigger nipple bottle - geez! first the boobs dont work now i cant even buy the rite nipples!!
I think I may leave him in the carseat all the time!!! That seems to work! too bad its still too hot take him for a walk - grrrr! hopefully in the next few weeks we will be done with the 100s and 90s and we can get some semi normal weather out here! prefect time for visitors!!
my best nono impersonation!!!

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  1. HI nik-great way to follow you and isaac's daily journeys. Love the nono shot!! Keep the stories coming