Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hump Day!

bath time

Ahhhh...its hump day - Isaac must be getting antsy for the weekend - he's a little cranky as you can tell!
Although Mommy had a big day - today I finally got the courage - or maybe im just sleep deprived enough - to take all 3 dogs and the baby for a walk. Thank goodness no cats crossed our path! Luckily we all survived! Isaac shockingly fell asleep! It was a win win kind of morning!
We are off to the Dr's tomorrow for little man's 1 Month appointment, maybe he knows there are shots involved :(
Well I guess i should take advantage of this quiet time while he is fully awake in his swing and start up dinner - although i know it is short lived!!! Thank God for take-out!
He sure is cute - but sure is a handfull! Im sure the neighbors think i torture him! or let the dogs run around the house with him! When he screams the whole city knows!!!


  1. when the lil man sleeps - YOU SLEEP. when the lil man cries (and nothing is wrong)...time to put your ipod on!

  2. thanks for the parental wisdome les! i guess that is better than leaving the house :)