Sunday, July 22, 2012

Oh the places we'll go!

My Dearest 3 Little Snowflakes,

Three months! Three months? Three months.

I cannot believe it has been three months since I have last updated this blog. I guess that can be taken as a good sign. We have been to busy to sit down and write - or mommy has been to wiped out to type (ok, and there is that silly pinterest obsession too)! Whatever the reason, I am back and ready to update you all on the comings and goings of my Favorite Terrible Trio.

It has been a HOT, busy, hectic spring and summer thus far. Our daily calendar fills up quite nicely these days - therapies, story hours, gym dates, farmers markets, walks, trips to the park,"adbentures" - we are one busy family! I cannot tell you how much I love all of it either! How much I love spending all this time with all three of you  - watching you all discover things for the first time - and watching you all grow into your roles as sister and brothers. Its an amazing thing - and I am simply blessed beyond words that I am able to stay home with you and be here for all of it. We are a lucky bunch indeed!

My Dear Isaac,
You are such a trip. You are one of the most charismatic, fun, outgoing, personable, devilish, fearless kids I have ever met. I hope you always stay that way too. YOu are becoming such a little man. I cant believe what an amazing little guy you are. YOu light up every room  - whether it be your badass swagger, your non stop talking, crazy quips, or one of a kind facial expressions - you know how to command the room's attention - and how to use that power to your advantage. You have taken to the role of Big Brother in such a way that mothers can only dream of. You are doting, caring, with just enough gentleness and a little bit of rough big brother mixed in. Jake and Lucy are so lucky to have you!

Of course you are still all about Daddy these days - Im sure its just a phase that will last through your mid tweneties, but whatevs. Daddy is still your #1 Buddy and the world revolves around him. YOu carry your tool bag around and 'work on stuff like daddy' all day, impatiently wait for him to come home every night, and of course manage to canieve him into EVERYTHING Mommy says no to. I am constantly amazed at how oblivious Daddy is to your puppetry! You got him wrapped kiddo - work it!!

The past three months have been filled with memories that I never want to forget - and some that I would like to (most notably seeing you covered in your own blood when you busted your chin open at Frances Slocum  - and of course the (my) horror of your first cavity filling experience. Ugh) I cant believe in a few short weeks you will be turning 3 years old and then starting pre-school. Im sure I will have a mini breakdown before then. How does time fly by so quickly? Where is that pause button I have been searching for? I love you Monkey Man!! I love you more every time you sing me "you are my sunshine", every time you give me a kiss and ask me "if I'm happy" and every time you remind me you are my "best big boy". You are truly one of a kind my Sir Isaac. Well done!

My Dearest Jaker McQuaker and Lucy Lu - aka Angry Bird, aka Loober Maguber, aka Goobs, aka SnoCo, etc

Practically 6 months old and already racking up enough nicknames for a lifetime! You two are quite the duo! I swear you two do not even know the other one exists just yet - you are definitely not the lovey dovey type you imagine when the doctor tell you are having twins! You are both your own center of the universe - demanding to be held, coddled, and cooed all the time. Apparently you guys have yet to figure out Mommy only has two hands!

Lucy - I live for that morning first smile from my peanut. That feeling I get every morning when your face lights up when you recognize me, makes the hellish night you put me thru (almost) worth it. :) Seriously Goobs - you were my dream child - you lulled yourself to sleep, slept thru the night, got along with everyone. Notice how I mentioned all that in the past tense? Now you are all Mama's girl, up 3 or 4 times a night and have a scream (or shall I say Screech) that would peel the tread of tires! You literally look like a cartoon character when you scream - you turn beet red, your tongue rattles and your whole body shakes. Such a Drama Queen already.  Oddly enough it ALL stops when I pick you up. Every time. Nonsense Miss Goosey. Spoiled-Brat-in-the-making-Nonsense.

Psst. Secretly I love it.

Jakers - My super Chunk (dont worry, I will ban everyone from calling you that by the time you are old enough to understand it!) But I have to tell you dude - you are one solid hunk of  damn cute blue eyed
babiness! I hope you keep those baby blues forever. They are show stoppers! And if nothing else I am hoping you give me some rocking Michele Obama arms by the time you are out of holding stage!

You have come so far in the past six months. I cannot say You have exceeded my expectations only because I never really knew what to expect 6 months ago. I just knew I loved you and I would love you no matter what. But now I am starting to know what to expect from you - and that is you are going to be one amazingly regular kid. You are going to be one amazing Jake. And like your brother and sister - you are going to be whomever you were intended to be.  You have an infectious smile that will melt hearts and much like your sister, a pick-me-up-now-damn-it cry that will eventually cause me to claw my own eyes out.

I sometimes sit back and smile and wonder how I got be a mother of 3 little "angels." I mean wasn't I just wearing alternating neon socks and rocking the banana clip? How did I suddenly become Mom status? But honestly I think I have always been mom status - I was just waiting for you guys to get here.

So, I gladly look forward to rapidly growing old, ragged, scarred, gray, babbling, and senile (probably in my 30s) thanks to each of you. I hope you enjoy this wild ride we are on as much as your Daddy and I are enjoying it. Wherever it may take us. As Dr. Seuss says - "Oh the places you will go, Oh the places you will grow." Our little clan has set out to make its mark on the world and I look forward to watching its effects.

I love you all my three little perfect snowflakes. Sleep tight - and take it easy on me every now and then wont you? - afterall I do control your ....Well Hell, I guess I don't really control anything! Even more reason to take it easy on me!

I love you Sir Isaac, Jakers, and Lucy Lu!
Love, Mommy

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