Saturday, September 1, 2012

Isaac 3.0

Dear Isaac,

August 17, 2009.

The day my life changed forever in ways I could never imagine. Little had I known, long gone were my nights of being bored, occasionally over sleeping, and (on very rare occasion) looking halfway decent when I left the house. My nights were now filled lots of screaming, tears, and feedings - mostly yours, but a lot of mine too.
Two has been a great year for us. It started out in Denver - just me, you and Daddy and ended up with not one, but two siblings! You are an amazing big brother - and I love the way you dote over Lucy and Jake! You are a natural at being a big brother! You have gone through quite a lot in the past year and you take it all in stride - and always with such a smile on your face - and some quick wit on your tongue!
So how can it be now, in 2012, three years have gone by and my little monster baby is now a 3 year old crazy toddler? THen again, how can you ONLY be three? I feel like I have known you my whole life. I know have LOVED you my whole life.
As you lay asleep as your first night as a big three year old, I cant bear to think of how quickly this time will go by. You will never be this young again - yet you are the oldest you have ever been. How can time and reality be so full of evil trickery? Someday all too soon I will be saying, "I cant believe you are driving, I cant believe you are graduating, I cant believe you are such an amazing young man!"
So tonight I take comfort in knowing that tomorrow morning you will scream for me to come and get you out of bed, that it will be me who gets all of your morning kisses, and it will be my arms that carry you up to naptime - even though I know it takes me one day closer to you being a "big boy" - I take comfort in knowing that tomorrow you will still be my little boy and I will be your Mommy.

I love you my monkey man, my big time cool dude
Love always.


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