Sunday, April 29, 2012

Well Its been a while....

To My dearest 3 Little Snowflakes,

It has been so long since I last posted, I do not know where to start! It shocks me to think that my little itty bitties are already 3 months old and weighing in the double digits! You two seem to be changing day by day - getting bigger, louder, more alert,  - did I mention louder?? You are all so absolutely adorable and yet so completely different! I look forward to watching you both grow up together and find your separate ways! And then there is you my Best Big Boy Isaac - you are my little knight in dirty armor! You getting so cute and personable  - and yet so bold! Everyday is a new adventure with you - even if we never leave the house! You continue to amaze me on every level - whether it be the words that come out of your mouth ("I'm the boss, and the boss says go get me some coffee") or your no fear attitude and your need to jump off of everything you can climb up!  You three definitely will be giving mommy and daddy a run for our money!!

Since it has been so long since I wrote to you guys -  and it is impossible to catch up on all the things that have happened in the past 2 months - I will write to you individually....for now.

My Dear Baby Isaac,

Oh my Big Boy you are such a marvel! You constantly amaze me and make me smile (and make me pull my hair out, but mostly smile). In the past few months you have definitely peaked (I hope!) with you nasty case of the terrible twos! People always comment on how well you speak - I just have to comment on the crazy things that come out of your mouth! (we can thank your Uncle Ronnie for your new favorite saying - bare ass beach! - as you run around the house naked!) Oh vey! There is definitely no filter on with you! And oh boy do you have the eye roll to go with that sassy attitude of yours!
Since leaving Denver you have been living the life of the single baby/king of the palace - and I'm pretty sure you are a little too comfortable with that title. I am hoping it is just a phase - scratch that - I am demanding it be just a phase. I will not have the bratty kid of the bunch. I can just hear your father and nono  now"...if only she ate some damn meat that kid wouldn't be so crazy!"
I have to say when it comes to being a big brother you are quite amazing! You have never had a single baby envy moment and are always the gentle, caring big brother of "your babies". Like I have been saying for months - Lucy and Jake lucked out with having the best big brother on the planet!
As for your days as Mommy's little Monkey, I must humbly concede to the backseat, as Daddy - AKA "Your Buddy" - is your new Number One. Ugh. You are like his mini me. You follow him around like a puppy with your tool belt and tool box and spiderman work phone. You tell me all day long how you cant wait for your daddy to come home from work - because he is "such a hard worker". (insert Mommy's eye roll here.) I have thought about going back to work (ok, not really) just so I can come home for one of those amazing welcome home greetings your Daddy gets every time he enters the door! Seriously kiddo, he can out to the driveway and come right back in and you still light up like a Christmas Tree...Its not that I am jealous - Ok I am jealous - plain and simple. Whatever. Daddy's Little Buddy you may be for now - but I will get you back sooner or later (I, however, am banking on later...)

My Dearest Jakey Jakers
You are every gray hair on Mommy's head. You are every wince in my sore back. Yet you are everything I could have hoped for and more in a beautiful, perfect, baby boy! You are such a little chunker too! Who goes form 4lbs to 12 lbs in 6 weeks! (besides me??) My poor back! You owe me a lifetime of massage therapy just for all the times I have to walk around with you! Don't ever let anyone tell you a baby cannot be over held! You, your sister, AND your brother are the epitome of over held babies!
 Jakers you are such a champ! Already you have surpassed every expectation anyone had made for you. You came out ready to roll (and hungry too) and haven't stopped yet! You have a smile that lights up the room and a crazy gurgling sound and squeal that can clear it! I do not know how your Noni puts up with you at night! :)
I look at you Jakers and I see so much of your Daddy in you! I really cannot explain how big you are. You will be bigger than your daddy in no time! You are already more than half the size of Isaac! So much for all those "baby" clothes we bought for you! You are wearing the things Isaac wore at 6 and 9 months! Your sister and Brother better watch out - looks like you are going to be the Big Brother of the bunch!

Oh My Lucy MaGoosey,
Mommy's Precious little angry bird. Such a peanut - such a temper. You are definitely full of the Nardell women DNA. Your precious little face can go from wide-eyed smiles to major meltdowns in seconds (something, I am sure you picked up from me!) My guess is that meltdowns have something to do with all the pink garb your Noni, aunts, and your Ever-Doting God Mama Emily drape you in - I swear they make you look like a big bowl of Pepto Sherbert at times! Don't worry my little Lucy Lu - Mommy will protect you from all their fashion faux pas - Just take it easy on me every now and then!

It still blows my mind that you are a sleeper. I really thought that was an Urban myth parents made up to make other new moms feel like complete failures. Sometimes I check on you just to make sure you are still in your bed - or in mine (shh!!)
What a lucky girl you are! You are the favorite sister of two of the greatest brothers in the world. I am pretty sure your future holds many a tool belt, trucks, and race cars if they have anything to do with it! Your big Brother Isaac dotes all over you already - constantly showing off his "baby angry bird". I have to admit  - I may be biased but you are pretty damn cute to boot! Even with a shrill scream that can curl the skin off my back! If Isaac makes me pull my hair out and Jake is my grays, you will be my stiff drinks! The thought of raising a girl still makes me nervous - it all seems so complicated - the clothes, the make up, the boys, the drama. Ugh. I know I will blink and those days will be upon me. Maybe by then you will be Daddy's Girl and give him all the grief!

Well My Baby Bumkins you have all given me much more than I have ever expected - or dreamed of. I know this time with you three is limited and before I know it you will be all grown up and doing your own thing. So I need to treasure it now - no matter how sleep (and shower) deprived it leaves me. I can only imagine how the three of you as siblings will play out - the personalities you will develop, the relationships you will have with one another, the trouble you will get into, and oh the havoc you will wreak (I am already blaming Isaac - or Daddy)! All I can say is it will my honor to watch your stories unfold and be a part of each of them. You are my three precious and perfect Snowflakes and I love you all more than the sun, and the moon, all the stars in the sky. I wouldn't trade one minute of this life for any thing - not even a cool, quiet room, with a comfy pillow top bed, cushy pillows, and 800 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, with a tall, dark, handsome Russian masseuse named Vlad...not that I thought about it or anything....

I love you My three little monkeys!

Love, Mommy

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