Monday, November 5, 2012

I Can't Keep Up!

My Dearest Snowflakes,
Sweet Lord how can time pass so quickly?? I must have started this posted a million times in the past month and have yet to sit down to finish! Here I go.....

Every time I sit down to finally write a new post, I am somehow amazed at how a month or more has managed to pass by. Where does the time go? Here we are 2 days after the twins 9 month celebration, and I still feel like I am closer to their due date than their first birthday!

So much has happened in the past few weeks it is hard to find the proper place to start.

 Lucy and Jake, you two are getting so big and so fun! You FINALLY are interacting with each other and I love the way each of you light up when the other comes in the room - and especially when big brother Isaac enters the room! 
Jakers you have the most infectious smile I have ever seen. Like, Ever.  I defy anyone to look at you and not smile! I have a feeling that smile and those eyes are going to get you in (or out of) a lot of trouble as you get older - not that you will need any help with that! You are trying so hard these days to scoot yourself across the floor. Keep up the good work my little buddy! You will scooching around in no time!

Oh My Lucy McGoose. You are definitely your Mama's girl. I can tell you will have my gift of cynicism and skepticism.  Your dead-pan-glare, your forever withholding smile, your ability to put nearly every object you come in contact with in your mouth - yep - all Mama! You have nailed every part of separation anxiety and stranger anxiety on the head! I am pretty sure you would live inside my mouth if I let you! But I am smart enough to live it up now - because if you are anything like me my dear, your love and allegiance will be fleeting. You can't play a player babe.

Oh My Sir Isaac. What can I say other than you make everyday just a little more interesting. You have evolved into such a character and are full of personality these days. Whether it be your random bursts into rock stardom or when you start jibbering in your own language, you always keep me on my toes!

You are loving your preschool days and had a blast this past Halloween. I was so happy you actually wore your planned costume this year - so far my track record was 0-3 with getting you into your costume. But you made a perfect Cat in the Hat along with your sidekicks THing 1 and Thing 2! And dare I say you ended the night by practically eating your body weight in candy!
Can I mention that I am somehow amazed that we are in November already!!??? How can that be? I mean the twins are still newborns! How can nearly 11 months of this year have passed already! Impossible. 2012 has been, at the very least, interesting. I can only imagine what 2013 has in store for us!

Besides the obvious daily drama we had going on the past few weeks - the milestones, the adventures, Halloween - this past week has been of significant importance in weather history. This past week the entire Eastern Seaboard Braced for Super Storm Hurricane Sandy - and while we here in PA were largely spared - our neighbors to the East, mainly New York and New Jersey were devastated and ultimately forever changed. Entire neighborhoods were taken off the map. Places you would have normally grown up to visit on long summer weekends have been washed away and now lay on the bottom of the ocean. Sad. Very Sad. It is a grave reminder that we need to cherish what we have today and not take tomorrow for granted. My heart breaks for those who lost everything. I can only remind them that "houses" can be rebuilt - "homes" are memories that live within you and last forever.

As if Hurricane Sandy were not enough Drama for one week, tomorrow is also election night. We may or may not have a new president of the United States by this time tomorrow. It will certainly be a close one. Before you three came along I honestly didnt care who ran or who won. I didnt see the personal connection. Now I realize that everything these people do will impact YOU more so than will impact ME. These men will set in motion the kind of world you will be living in as adults. Therefore it is my job now to make sure your world is not only secure now - but secure then as well. May the best man win.

There is so much I want to say. SO much I want ot write down so I dont forget all the little things that make each day interesting. But at the end of the day after I tuck all three of you in and finally sit down to type my mind goes blank and I can only think of how soon one of you will be up and beckoning me. It's a call I will gladly answer - knowing all to soon you will be all grown up and not needing me as much. I dread that day.

There is one other thing I want to write down for you guys while I remember. A few weeks ago, this area suffered some unnecessary great losses due to a rash of teenage suicides. Truly, a parents greatest nitemare. I cannot imagine what those parents are going through and I pray those CHILDREN who took their own lives have finally found some peace. There is no cure to suicide. It is a decision that cannot be reversed and will forever impact those left behind. I do not think all the speeches and school assemblies in the world can prevent it. I do think parents can try. I think if there is one lesson to be learned from this and from the "bullying" epidemic that has plagued our schools is that parents need to stop teaching their kids to be great - and start teaching them how to be good. Unrealistic goals, unattainable expectations, empty desires of constantly being "the best" cannot always be a healthy lifestyle.
 I do not need any of you to be "the best" at anything other than being the best Isaac, Jake, and Lucy you can be. I promise you I will never be the mom who publicly calls out your referee,  who heckles the opposing team or forces you to play a game or activity you are not interested in. I will be the parent who will take you to church on Sunday, want to carry on an actual conversation with you, who wants to know your friends, and who will genuinely be interested in you and your place in the world. I do not want you to ever aim to please me or your dad. I want you to be happy with the person you are - because as I see it, you are already the greatest people I know!

I love you my tiny snowflakes. Sleep tight - and for me just this once -  sleep long! :)

Love, Mommy

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