Thursday, March 17, 2011

Time Flies!

Dear Baby I

Ugh! I started this post over a week ago and still cant seem to get myself together to get it done!! My Poor Baby!
Geez I wonder how long I get to call you that? Do I call you Toddler I? Monster I? Hellion daredevil I? You are getting to be to all of the above - all at once! Its a frightening combination  - especially for Mommy! In one day you whacked your head off the wall three times during your "sleep", proceeded to roll clear of the bed onto the floor, fell down an entire flight of stairs (thanks Prada Bear!! - although at the time of publishing this post it is now 3 times), slipped trying to climb out of the tub, and smashed a dinner plate while climbing onto the kitchen counter. If that isnt bad enough let's not forget the grass and mud I find daily INSIDE your socks and diaper, your new taste for eating rocks and of course love for all things related to puddles! You are definitely all little boy Sir I - all active little boy! I just hope I can keep up with you - we are just getting started!
Our world got a whole lot smaller last week with the arrival of the doggies! You are on Cloud 9 with "yoryo, ada, and ock!" back in town! I was so worried about your sleep being interrupted I never even thought how badly breakfast, lunch, and dinner would be interrupted. Everything I give YOU to eat seems to go right into the dogs' mouths these days! If it werent so darn cute to watch I would be much more upset about the whole thing!

You definitely didn't miss a beat with the dogs. You are right where we left off with them - playing in their water bowls, chasing them inside and out of the house, covered in dog hair,  and getting knocked over at every other turn - and you appear to love every second of it!
Daylight Savings time has also threw a wrench in our days this week. Normally I am not a fan, but whatever get you to sleep until 6:30 Am cant be all that bad! :)

You and Sadie have had a lot of fun playing outside all week in this amazing Spring weather. We hit the parks, libraries, lots of walks and an occasional stop at the bakery for a cupcake break. You two are so darn cute with each other. Like Frick and Frack. ALthough you are two daredevils that like to taunt each other. One lesson Mommy learned this week - there is nothing more priceless (especially when in someone else's house) than the power of WASHABLE markers. My heart almost stopped when I walked into Sadie's Mom's bedroom and bathroom completely covered in purple and green marker!!! Thank heavens for Washable Crayola!
In other news my baby Monster, the world is in disarray once again. Last week a 9.0 earthquake and tsunami rocked Japan, causing catastrophic devastation and potentially causing a nuclear explosion. The images of Japan are heart wrenching. THe people, the children, the animals, everything is completely displaced and may many lives have been lost. To you, this will be a history lesson someday. I guess everyday is a history lesson. But as I watch the images on TV of children your age having to stand in lines for food or water or even worse - separated from their parents and families - I cant help but think how all too often we sweat the small stuff.
 In comparison, that devastation it is all small stuff. Mommy is definitely guilty of making mountains out of molehills too. Especially when it comes to your daddy's new favorite sport - house hunting! Oh the stress! It makes the crayons and markers all over the walls seem like  - well - child's play! As long as we are all together and happy that should be all that matters right?? It should. But I know the house buying decision is one that cant be made in haste. As I have told you time and time again kiddo - you cant make everyone happy - and I hope you never try to - you only need to worry about Number 1 - well, and your Mommy - which better be Number 2 FOREVER!
Well My dear as I listen to squirming and cuddled up in the "big bed" (because as of this week you will no longer sleep in your Thomas bed) I hope you are getting close to the time for sweet dreams. I wonder what you dream about. I wonder what it is like to have such an innocent mind so free of worry or fear. I bet you just look up at the stars on the ceiling, suck the life out of that binkie, and have visions of Elmo and really steep sliding boards! Oh my little sweet angel I wish I could always keep you so innocent and protected. You are Mommy's greatest joy and most grateful blessing. Sleep tight Little monkey. Mommy loves you more than you can ever know.
I love you Monkey Butt
Love, Mommy


  1. Awwww...Isaac & Sadie are sooo cute together. What's all the stuff flying sround in photo #1...did I miss reading what it was? Sounds like Isaac is a typical little toddler boy,..getting dirty & into everything...glad to hear his little bumps are not serious. Hugs & kisses to you all, I miss you. Gramma Berta

  2. the first picture is Isaac just hanging out in the sprinkler. It helps with the mud effect. :)