Tuesday, March 1, 2011

18 and Life.

Dear Baby I!

Happy Belated 18 months!!! A year and a half gone by - I can barely believe it! Just one short year ago I was freaking out that you were 6 months old and never slept. Now your 18 months and I cry about the same thing - Looks like somethings may never change!
I cannot believe how big you are getting! The past few months have been a whirlwind of changes. You talk more, understand more ( than you let on), run, jump, do the stairs, use utensils (occasionally), have an odd obsession with the pots and pans, demand pickles at all hours of the day, kiss the 'baby' in the mirror, talk on the phone, navigate the remote control, and of course climb anything and everything like the little monkey we all knew you were going to be! Everyday I am more amazed at how quickly you pick things up. Dare I say you are even starting to get ready for potty training??!! AT least now you sit fully clothed on your potty and declare "poopy" All of a sudden you are this little BOY! My baby is growing up! Ugh....STOP!
You and I have had some great Mommy/Isaac time this week while Sadie's Grandmother was in town. Of course you were a little love lorn, walking around the house all morning with her Christmas card crying "Daydee No??" out the window. Pathetic kid. You're going to be Hopeless just like your daddy! :)
Speaking of your Daddy, we are about to embark on his Birthday weekend. The Three of us are headed out to Glenwood Springs on Saturday for a little pampering and playing in the hot Springs. I have a feeling you are going to be a hard one to drag out of the pool. Mommy on the other hand may never emerge from the massage Daddy has scheduled. Oh the things your Daddy does to get me to go along with his cockamamy plans! All he has to do is say the word massage and he knows I will abide! Silly (smart) Daddy!
Today we had your 18 month check up and the Dr says your right on track - to be a high energy handful! She said we could look into your "sleep issues" if they "persist". Im not sure what the definition of 'persist' is after 18 months! I think your lack of sleep is just something only a mother can live with!!
 I think over the past 18 months I have come across plenty of those trials and tribulations that only a Mommy - Your Mommy - could Love!
Although there are some that I can live without!! Such as...
Not remembering the last time I took a shower by myself! Except for those that I have to plan for 330 am!!
The screaming in the car...Trust me kiddo, Daddy and I shelled out plenty of dough on that cadillac of a car seat -  you act as if you are stapped to a porcupine! Just relax and enjoy the ride kiddo!!
Your innate Monkey instinct to Climb on EVERYTHING!! The bookshelves, the kitchen counters, the couch - The helmet is coming kiddo! Trust me!

On the other hand ...Some things I can NEVER live WITHOUT(although I can pretty much NOT live without most of everything you do)...
Mama!!! I dont think I ever heard a sweeter sound than your tiny little voice calling me Mama! I will admit - even in the wee hours of the night it brings a smile to my face :)
SHARK!!! Shark, our tickle game, can bring out the loudest ball of laughter I have ever heard come out of such a little monkey!
Hugs and Kisses! Even the sticky, snotty, morning breath, stinky ones make my day!

Somehow I managed to start this post last week and never finish it..
Now it is Tuesday and Daddy's Bday weekend has come and gone. We had a great time in Glenwood Springs. YOu even did 'pretty' well in the car....for you at least! We stayed in a creepy old hotel that supposedly had ghosts, went swimming outside (in February!!) in the hot springs, (you) terrorized the hotel staff, and Mommy and Daddy got some much needed massages! All in all a great weekend had by all!
Of Course, You could not have been happier when Sadie came over yesterday! Oh, how you missed your buddy all last week! Spring is here - for now - and the three of us put in some major outdoors time yesterday! We better enjoy it while we can - who knows how long the spring weather lasts here before winter finds its way back!
Rumor has it we are getting some much anticipated visitors at the end of the week...PUPPIES - or as you call them POOPIES!!!! Uncle Ronnie is not only bringing us One doggy back - but we get all three!!! God Help me!!! Well, at least, we wont have to worry about picking up your food off the floor for a while! Those long naps, however, may have the occasional barking wake up calls!
Well, Monkey BUtt I think it is time to get this day started!
Remember, YOur Mommy LOVES you more than you can imagine! Happy 18 months!! May there be MANY MANY more milestones to come!!
Love you!!

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