Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Sky is Falling

GUess who licked the bowl clean!
Dear Baby Monster,

A full week back into "post holiday reality" and we are still alive! Oh my does Mommy miss all her helpers!!! And I am sure you miss all the friendly faces, although you have been so cute about pointing people out in pictures now! You definitely know your Nona!! Im pretty sure you eye up her cane in every photo! Not too mention you are still "yelling at jumper" everytime I tell you NO!
Well kiddo Mommy made a huge mistake this week of letting Daddy convince me that I should watch a silly video on the Denver Airport and the end of the world conspiracies. UGH. I will be the first to tell you Monkey, Mommy is not mentally stable enough for that kind of nonsense anymore. Not only did it freak the Living BeJeezus out of me, but it had me thinking about 'what if the world does end in 2012'? Needless to say I wanted to kill your father for allowing me to watch such gloom and doom, but I am sure my weeklong crazy-the-sky-is-falling-antics were punishment enough for him.
Ugh! Ribs...
What a horrible thought to get stuck in your head Baby I! As if I wasn't emotional enough from leaving NEPA, Now I have to worry about the end of the world and the future Holocaust at the site of the Denver Airport!! Well baby boy, If you are reading this, it means we have survived the 2012 End of The World, and your Mommy is officially nuts - but happy to be alive!
I realize Im acting a wee bit irrational about all the 2012 stuff, but honestly ever since I became your mom, my sensitivity towards any type worldly horrors and destruction leave me feeling sick inside. I cant even watch the evening news without thinking "what if" that were you - us. From the Arizona massacre this week, to tsunamis, to social unrest on the other side of the world - it somehow all seems to close to home when I think of what I would do to protect you.
As in the case of the 2012 destruction, I cannot save us from the end of the world. But when watching the news this week of the poor innocent lives lost at the Arizona Massacre I cant help but think the "end of the world" can be at any time and any place. Even a simple trip to the grocery store can be the end of the world for the poor parents of the 9 year old girl who died in the mass shooting. As cliche as it is - I have to remind myself that "nothing is guaranteed and each day is a gift." I have to remind myself to keep what is important in check. Time with Family and Friends, spending time with you and daddy, and making the most of each day - IMPORTANT. New Shoes, toys on the floor, money woes, undone laundry,  you eating ribs- NOT IMPORTANT.

It seems simple enough, but believe me kiddo, it is sometimes a hard credo to live by. I know someday you will want to do things that Im not too excited about - like snowboarding with daddy, extreme sports, staying out too late, eventually moving away - at those points in life you can throw this post in my face, but until then - and even when - it will always be my number one job to keep you safe and remind you constantly that you are loved. So bear with me if I kiss you too much, hug you too tight or tell you I love you a zillion times a day!
On a MUCH lighter note, as I write this it is nearly 8AM and you are still asleep. My nerves are on edge for what the heck may be wrong with you for you to be sleeping so long and well. Last time I was thrilled you slept so well you woke up with a 103 fever! Ugh!! Why must you toy with me like this!! :)
This week you have been so vocal! Words are right around the corner - you have some down - like Hi! ball, mama, daddy, nono, uh-oh, and zorro - other than that you still boldly speak Isrish! You also have a new love for your stuffed animals. You carry them around the house and have started to treat them like friends, putting them on your trucks and pushing them around the house. Daddy's childhood favorite, Srgt. Petski seems to be your Number 1 too!
Uh oh... I hear a grumble....
Oh Happy day!!! I opened your door and you were sitting up on the bed and gave me a big happy HI! thru your binky mouth! No disaster! Maybe you were just tired! A calendar day indeed!!
My Snow Angel
Yesterday was officially your first sizable snow storm. We tried to go out and play but with a windchill of -7 our outing was VERY short lived! You were highly skeptical of the white stuff. Im sure Daddy will break you of that in a hurry!
Well my monkey man we have a big day ahead of us today! I hope you are well rested! Im sure there are scrambled eggs in your near future too! I bet you slept up an appetite! Hopefully it will warm up for us out there. Just remember how much Mommy and Daddy love you Mr. Monkey butt - not even the end of the world can change that!
I love you Mr. Man!!

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