Monday, January 3, 2011

2010. It was a Good Year!

Dear Baby I,
Happy New year My Baby boy!! What an amazing year we have had!! I cant believe it is already over! This was our year of "firsts" for just about everything - first birthday, first teeth, first steps, first words,   - so many discoveries in so little time. At my humblest, I can only say it has been an honor to be your mommy and watch you tackle your first year head on. We have had such an amazing time together - and as the song goes, (God willing) the journey has only just begun.
Every end of year celebration has some kind of year end recap. I think it would be impossible to limit my most memorable moments of your first year as I hope they are all permanently etched in my memory, but other than the obvious "firsts milestones" there are a few memories that stand out as "Irresistibly Isaac"
1. You and the Jumpy. The Jumpy turned out to be Mommy's saving grace as soon as you got in it for the first time last Christmas. Finally I found a spot for you that did NOT induce maniacal screaming!! Oh thank the High Heavens for the Jumpy!!! And even though you havent used it for months I still have a hard time getting rid of it....Just in case....
2. You and the Walker. Unlike the Beloved Jumpy, the walker was Mommy's archnemises! I have more scars on my ankles and toes from that thing than I would like to remember! But oh how you loved to speed around the house and chase the dogs in that thing! I never will forget the day I put you on the floor and a few minutes later you came whizzing by in the kitchen!! I will NEVER know how the heck you got yourself into that walker, but I should probably be thankful I did not see it in action! My little daredevil!
3. Sour Squash! Solid foods have definitely been a challenge for us. Not so much you eating them, more so the act of GETTING them into your mouth. You are not a huge fan of utensils yet kiddo. Hopefully that will change, although it hasnt for your cousin Emily. But no messy dining experience will ever be as memorable as your sour squash video or the time we took you to a restaurant and you devoured a hummus plate - literally!
4. Your dancing. You definitely are my little white boy who can dance - and you LOVE to dance - or in your case bounce - to anything! It is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I LOVE it!! I cannot wait until you  are older and I can embarrass you with all these dancing videos!
5. Kisses! By far my favorite part of being your Mommy so far! There is nothing in the world like a kiss from your baby - even the sloppy messy ones when your face is covered in sticky food or my favorite - a sloppy, runny-nose, boogary kiss!! I will take them all - anytime, anywhere!!
There are so many more moments that I have failed to mention - like your Birthday, swimming, trips to the playground, your love of the tubby, shutting down the AVP airport security system!!! It has been an amazing year my little man! I can only pray to build on those memories this year!

As I write this kiddo we are back home in Denver after a whirl wind trip back from NEPA. In all Isaac-Fashion, we had a less than stellar flight home. Not even first class upgrades helped on this one. You screamed for the first 2 hours! Mommy was completely stressed out to say the least. You wanted NO PART of being held and after hours of screaming I gave in and laid you down on the floor!! Thank God we had the bulk head seats!!! In seconds you were fast asleep and I easily got over the horror of being "that mom" who puts her kid to sleep on the floor of the plane.
Had I known the horrible flight was going to be the easiest part of the trip I would have taken better advantage of the free first class drinks! Our flight landed at 11, our Super Shuttle arrived at 11:30 PM, our luggage arrived at 12 AM. Next shuttle arrived at 12:45 AM...which we were bumped from due to lack of room for the 3 of us. Finally at 1:30 AM we got another Shuttle and headed home. In bed by 2:30 AM and up at 5AM! Oh what a night!
Yesterday seems like a blur and Im not even sure what day it is!! Once you discovered Santa came to the house you were overly excited to see your new Thomas Bed!!! Now the challenge will be to keep you in it! We also took you sledding for the first time. So much to do on so little sleep! We had a great time - of course Daddy liked it the best - but it was a great way to ease back into Denver life.
Leaving NEPA always leaves me with mixed emotions kiddo. Who knows where we will be by the time you are old enough to read these blogs, only the future knows. I do love living out here and having you and Daddy all to myself, but I do miss having all of our family and friends around to watch you grow. You really blossomed the past few weeks having so many people around you. Unfortunately Daddy and I will never make everyone happy with where we choose to live. So we have to focus on what is best for you. Whatever and WHerever that may be.

Well my monkey, I better take advantage of this precious nap time. I have so much stuff to put away! Im
I love you Baby Monkey Butt!
Love, Mommy

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