Thursday, December 9, 2010

Too Good to Be True...

Dear Mr. Monster
It is 6:43 AM on a Thursday and you and your Daddy are still sleeping. Most people would be concerned with the Daddy sleeping since he has work at 7am, but right now I am more in shock you are still cuddled up in bed. Another tiny Christmas miracle in the making?? - Although Im sure Daddy will not think so when he rolls out of bed! I gave up being his snooze button an hour ago.
Well my baby monster monkey, we are getting closer to Ho Ho time and our trip to NEPA! Just as we planned  you are feeling much better in time for our flight. You wouldnt want your predictable flight cold to interfere with your current cold! Excellent planning kiddo!! At least you are feeling better for now - although that nagging cough is hanging on for dear life. Ugh.
Much like this whole holiday season, this past week has flown by. We started the week off with a mini Hannukah celebration for Daddy after fruitlessly searching all of Northeast Denver for Hannukah decorations. Apparently he is the only Jew in Denver. But we improvised well and I think he liked it. I know he liked his Hannukah bag of Twizzlers, Gummies,  and Fruit Rollups - they were all gone in less than 8 Crazy Nights!!
You and I have been busy around the house too! We have had a full week of playmates and people working on the basement. Finally the basement is all done after the flooding fiasco and I must admit it looks AMAZING!! It's amazing what a little wall to wall carpeting can do. And Mommy's favorite part? THe carpet men accidentally carpeted the staircase too!! Woo Hoo!! Bonus Fall protection for when you decide to take (another) little trip down the steps on your own!
You have been trying your hardest to talk in English rather than Isriah lately. You do say a few words now but not in reference to anything particular. Boppy, Puppy, Baby, Daddy seems to classify everything in your universe. Except for cookies and crackers - they are most definitely "Eh EH EH" with a point to the kitchen cabinet. You have also stepped up your wobbley walk to a little run. Mommy is surely in trouble now!
This past weekend we also met up with Aunt Sue in Boulder to get you your first pair of winter boots! (thanks Aunt Sue!)  You were quite the sight in the Crocs store with all the colors and racks of shoes for you to pull down! We did manage to find you the only 2 non pink pairs of shoes in the store in your size. Mommy will never understand how Crocs can be so expensive for ugly plastic shoes - but they sure do look cute on your little feet! We had a near-missed disaster when we walked out of the tea shop next store to the Crocs store and noticed you were only wearing one shoe!!! We looked everywhere and couldnt find it! We hadnt moved 20 feet!! Thank Heavens for Bruno the manager at the Crocs store! I went in the store to see if we dropped it on our way out and after not finding it in there, he found another pair and gave us a bonus pair of shoes for our troubles!! Thanks Bruno!! Fortuantely we finally found your shoe and Mommy returned the bonus pair. But it just goes to show, some people are just plain nice kiddo!
OK...7:05 AM and i can hear the sqwirmy Wormy that is Isaac in your bedroom. YOu love that you can get off the bed on your own now. You get down and open the door and make a grand entrance into the living room as if you were a making a red carpet appearance.
Ugh..7:11 AM. Fever. I knew this sleeping in was too good to be true. Poor Baby is all flushed and rosey cheeked. I hope its teeth. We dont want another illness and you are still on your antibiotic from the last one. Time to call Noni....
Well kiddo I hope this one goes as quick as it came in! We have a big weekend ahead of us! Feel better my little monkey man. Remember Mommy loves more than the moon and all  the stars - and all the peas under the dining room table!
I hope you feel better soon!! I love you MOnster mash!
:Love, Mommy

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  1. Hey, little guy, THANK YOU for my Christmas present! You get your wisdom in gift-getting from your Mommy, for sure- i LOVE IT!! I hope you feel better soon & be a sweetpea for Mom on the flight to PA. xoxoxo!