Thursday, December 16, 2010

Enough is Enough!!!

Dear Baby "Death of ME " I.

Well my dear if ever there was a week that made me doubt my sustainability - and sanity - in motherhood this was it!!! As you will remember you woke up with a fever as I was writing my last post on Thusday. That was the easy part. Not only was it a fever - but a fever that spiked at 103.7 and lingered on until Monday. A Sick Isaac is a Cranky Isaac and a Cranky Isaac is a Clingy Isaac - or as I like to say - My Kid Koala. I think I may have actually gotten bed sores from laying on couch with you physically attached to me for 5 days. God know if ever see another episode of the "Wiggles" or "Caillou" I will Go out of my mind!
To your defense I felt so bad for you! You were really REALLY sick. You so were not yourself. All you could do was lay there. OK, Lay ON TOP of me. You were pathetic at best Mr. Monkey. I know you are REALLY sick when you sit through an entire episode of "Curious George"without getting off your chair once! You had the glazed over look, the pale face, and of course the burning hot fever. My poor baby!! I felt so bad for you - but there was nothing I could do. And I have to admit I was beginning to lose my mind strapped to the couch for so long! (I don't know how your Nono does it!!) Even with the Great Uncle Dr. Ronnie out to visit,  the only medical advice I could get was that we had to let it ride and wait it out. I feel like you have been sick since Halloween! You were doing so well too - and then BAM! It comes right back! I thought maybe by MOnday you would be doing better and we would be able to peel you off of me for a bit - but as soon as the fever went down the crazy rash stepped in and it was a whole new ball of wax I didn't know I what I was dealing with. Fortunately The Great Uncle Dr Ronnie diagnosed you with Roseola  - but again - the remedy for roseola is nothing but waiting. Gosh kid! If your going to get sick at least pick something that w can treat!!!!
Tuesday came and you seemed to be on the mend. We had a brilliant 70 degree Christmas season day in Denver. YOu were far from 100% but I as beginning to think our flight on Wednesday was going to be less of a disaster than previously expected. You actually even played with your toys long enough for me to throw a batch of chocolate cookies in the oven. You were being so good when they were done I even caved in and gave you a cookie - or 2! Within Minutes your face was covered with red bumps and I threw the towel in!! I just cant win with you this week!! So either you are allergic to chocolate and/or coconut or the rash was not completely over. Either was that will be the last cookie I give you. You ruined it for  yourself kiddo!!!
SO here it is THursday and we are in NEPA for the holidays. We survived our day of airport travel - even our 2.5 hour delay in the 88 degree airport terminal in Philly. It's cold here - no 70 degrees for sure!! So far so good with you! Although you seem a little leary of just about everyone but Jumper (which by the way, is the only one you need to worried about!!) Right now you are sleeping tight for a mid afternoon nap - Aunt Krissy put in A LOT of effort for this nap so please make the most of it!! We have a lot of family time ahead of us so rest up!!! Nono is also busy sleeping as he gets tired easily from chasing you around with a broom all day!! I guess he is not as impressed with your food- all- over- the-floor antics as the dogs are!
More to come from the Windy cold valley - but for now, sleep tight and we are all going to enjoy this peaceful moment of quiet in the house!!!
I love you MR. Monkey pants! Enough with all this sick business!! We need you to be well and strong and raring to go when Santa comes to town!!! Everyone waited a long time to see you here and we won't have this mopey baby business!!
I LOve you My Little Buddy the elf!
Love, Mommy

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