Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patching

Dear Baby I,
Another beautiful  fall week under our belts! The leaves are falling and the air is crisp - especially in the morning. Mommy has even been bit by the baking bug...of course EVERYTHING has pumpkin spice in it - I think its just because I like the way the house  smells when you bake with it - my baked creations are not really that good! But at least we dont have to burn candles!
This past week your "non" ear infection bloomed into a full blown cold....thanks Uncle Ronnie - stick with adult patients please!! You were officially the kid at the park with the green slime pouring out of your nose and I was officially "that mom" who should have kept her kid at home....oops! Of course infection doesnt make you tired...just slimy and oozeyand a little cranky. Luckily you learned to share this week and gave mommy some of your bug too. What a good boy you are!
We had a house guest this week - your favorite PradaBear was here all week! Wow! What fun our little Bungalow is with 3 big dogs and a sicky baby - and cranky mama! Regardless we loved having our favorite Pbear in town! 3 mopey-nobody-plays-with-me dogs is always better than 2 - especially in our lavish 900 sq ft urban fortress!
It seems this week your obsession with the garbage can has heightened! Now you drag it all around the house with you - and EVERYTHING is in there! Especially Mommy's cell phone and keys! I do not need the help losing those kiddo! We also put in some quality hours at the park this week - apparently everyone was there this week trying to soak up this beautiful fall weather - and who could blame them.
As for sleeping - this weekend was rough. I attribute it to your "non" infection and the ENTIRE top rack of teeth that is painfully bulging through! Who can blame you for being a crank pot?? (ok, I can...and did!..Sorry Monster!)
THis was also one of those weeks when I swear you got bigger right before my eyes! You are walking and talking (in official Isaa-rish, your own language) so much better. You seemed more determined than ever to get your way - whether it is pointing or screaming for a cookie or stuffing the rawhide into the dogs mouth. If you want it done you dont give up until mission accomplished - you must get that from Daddy! :) I cannot help but smile when I see all those little baby teeth in your mouth too..I just think My little Monster is growing his fangs! And SHARP fangs they are indeed! No more chewing on Mommy's fingers for you!
Uncle Ronnie was back in town this weekend - just the way we like it! Hopefully he didnt catch any of your "non" infection! He left for Vegas Sunday morning with Prada and Doc in tow. Mommy couldnt part with Zorro for so long. I hate to admit it but a one house dog is nice - but only temporarily! After Christmas all the mutts will be back at the fort eating your toys and waking you up at all hours of the day and night! Daddy and Uncle ronnie helped to get in the Fall Spirit by carving our pumpkin patch pumpkins. All was going well - until your daddy whipped out the power tools! So much for the little pumpkin knife you get at the grocery store! I have to admit the pumpkins looked great - So good, in fact, that the neighborhood squirrel coalition gobbled them all up while no one was looking. Daddy is still trying to get over that one. I have a feeling the next round of Jack-o-lanterns will be placed on the porch in a vault!

On a more serious note kiddo, Mommy watched a 20/20 special on Bullying this weekend and literally cried my eyes out and got sick to my stomach just thinking of this occurring to you. As a mom I would want to strangle any kid who hurts you - physically or emotionally. I know I am a little premature on worrying about this - but that show was devastating to watch. Im not sure how kids can be so mean and how parents can be so oblivious - or stupid. Although after living across from this middle school my money is on stupid. I hope and pray I am neither to you. I hope you know as you get older you can tell me and your daddy anything. It is our job to protect you and we will do all we can to make sure you grow up safe and sound. But be warned, if you should ever find yourself on the Bully's team - just know Mommy and Daddy will kick your ass - no matter how cute your little bummy is now! I promise you we will NOT be those parent in denial of "our little angel" Remember Mean people suck - no matter how old or young they are. Our job will be to teach you manners and the know-how to choose right from wrong. Everyone has feelings kiddo - and hopefully Daddy and I can teach you how to respect them all.
Well, Monday is here and we are embarking on another great weather week. It'll be a busy one filled with playdates, dr appointments, story hours and a go-again on the pumpkin carving. Today we are starting the week with a lazy pajama morning. You dont seem to mind. YOu have crawled in and out of you toy box and threw all your toys in the garbage can all morning. Now you are cuddled on the floor watching Elmo. Its a beautiful sight to see - only if it lasts a minute!

Here is to another great week for us my pasta only eating Mr. Monkey Diddle. I love so much and love watching you grow up and explore! Just do not do it too fast!
I love you very much baby!
Love, Mommy

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