Monday, October 11, 2010

My Little Bumpkin...

Dear Baby I,
You're not going to believe this, but as I write to you tonite I am sitting in a quiet house, the sounds of the rain outside are competing with the crackling fireplace and three dogs are asleep at my feet. It sounds like an urban myth to me! I know it is only momentary, but the tranquility of the house is amazing right now! I know I need to catalog this moment in my mind for a future freak out I am sure to have. But for right now I am just going to enjoy a quiet moment with Dalilah and all the love crazies calling her talk show. It is a great way to cap off an amazing week and weekend.
I think we had a pretty busy week if I do say so myself. We had a lot of babysitting, house guests, and play dates, Zorro had a ringworm scare, we went to the zoo with our friend Sadie, we finger painted with our friends Evan and Royoto, had an odd doctor's visit, went to story hour at the local library,  found you an awesome Halloween costume, went to the park, and of course topped it all off with a weekend visit from our favorite uncle Ronnie and Prada!
The week did start off with a rough patch. Other than Zorro's Ringo scare, You were a little sleepless nightmare to put it kindly. Nothing would soothe you and I was desperate for solutions! I turned to my favorite advice column, Facebook and got a slew of great ideas and suggestions from my fellow mom friends. There is nothing like power in numbers. I got A LOT of great advice - some I didn't even think of ( ear infections) and some I already knew ( and defied - ie..,letting you get in bed with me!)  We went to the Doctor's on Thursday and sure enough he said your ears were a little infected and set you up with some antibiotics. I thought we were smooth sailing from there. I had visions of sleep-filled nights bouncing in my head- until your Uncle Ronnie told me to hold off on the medicine until he personally checked your ears. In his opinion the Dr was just trying to shut me up and offered the Rx as a quick but unnecessary fix. He said NO Fever = NO Antibiotics. So we waited until Saturday nite. YOu seemed  to be doing much better anyway so I wasnt too concerned with the medicine. Of COurse Uncle Ronnie forgot his ear light...but at least I won $20 because I bet your Daddy he would!
Having Uncle Ronnie and PradaBear here was great! So great that PBear is STILL here! Uncle Ronnie will be back next weekend minus the 12 hour drive in. He really hasnt seen you walk before and he surely got a glimpse of the whole new handful you are! Although he said you walked like a little Frankenstein.....GRrrr
And then the silence was broken.....Oh Isaac! I can't wait until you are old enough to enjoy sleep - I am going to make your life hell then! :)
And we are Back! Thankfully that was easier than anticipated!

Well fall is definitely here! We had a weekend full on bundled in hats and hoodies! Sunday we took a trip to the Denver Botanical Gardens for the pumpkin festival. It has not rained one day since we got here - until Sunday! The weather did not slow us down though. We bundled up and packed you in the little red wagon and we were off to find the perfect pumpkin! Mud and Pumpkins - it was a double bonus for you! You were so excited I couldnt help but smile every time I looked at your cold rosy red cheeks and mud stained pants schlepping thru the pumpkin patch. Like every other mother on the planet I am sure, I kept thinking how lucky I was to have the cutest baby in the world!
This week you will officially be 14 months old! I cannot believe how time flies! These past few weeks have been so fun and exciting with you! You are catching on and picking up so many new tricks and traits! Peek-a-boo and "Roundy roundy roundy ball" are your favorite games to play! You even learned how to feed the dogs their morning bobees (bones). Of course you still stop dead in your tracks at the sound of Super Why and Barney - but I fear you have a fast falling crush for Thomas the Train too...Oh No!!!
Eating with you has been such a treat lately. To put it nicely - we havent mastered utensils yet. Honestly we havent even mastered using our hands yet! Just last night I found rigatoni in my purse. You pretty much live on avocado & fruit smoothies - and pasta with sauce. Feeding time is quite possibly the dirtiest thing I have ever experienced. My favorite part is when you feel you are done eating - and proceed to hurl the pasta (or whatever) across the room...while laughing hysterically! And of course, EVERYTHING tastes better off the floor! So after I get you out of your seat you proceed to eat it all off the floor - or in the case of your morning Cheerios - dump them all on the floor, THEN eat them!
I have a feeling talking is right around the corner. You babble like its nobody's business! Wherever we go it is a crowd stopper. YOu point and talk as if you have your own language! It is so funny! We call you wizard because you always point something as if you have a wand and are casting a spell! I wish I knew what you were saying. Whatever it is you sure are adamant about it!
It is now a rainy Monday morning and we have to get ready for the day ahead. We have a friend coming for the afternoon and we have much to do before she gets here! I can see avocado smoothie on the walls from where I am sitting and I know there is hummus on the couch downstairs! But, I can tell you are tired too - after all last nite was no walk in the park - but we should both be used to that already...Ugh. Maybe an early nap time is in our future - and maybe, just maybe, Mommy can take a peaceful shower all by myself! Dare to dream!
Well kiddo, here is to an equally happy and exciting week ahead for all of us - you, me, daddy and 3 crazy mutts! I am sure this house will shrink  - and stink  - fast!
Just remember my little bumpkin pumpkin Mommy loves you very much and looks forward to watching you grow at this exciting time of the year! You make everyday special - and at the very least, interesting!
I love you my muddy buddy!
Love, Mommy

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  1. Hi Nikki, not only are you a talented writer but your photos are getting better & better! We really look forward to your weekly blog & it definitely bridges the geography gap. PS just love the hand crocheted caps...they're adorable! Miss you all, Love Gramma Berta