Sunday, April 21, 2013

Words to Live By

My Dearest 3 Snowflakes,

As always - it has been awhile - as always - life has kept us busy (thankfully). the winter has been long and the spring has been gray - and through it all you have  been growing and growing and I have been loving the daily experiences and adventures we have been having and the memories we are creating.

Amid the crafts, the physical achievements, the tantrums, the activities, the breakfasts, the ice cream stops, the trips, the daily ups and downs, I cant help but feel a little bit of sadness. Sadness not because of you all - but Sadness for you all - and for all of the children of the world today.

Last week was a rough week. Nuclear tension, Bombs, Terrorists, Manhunts, Explosions, Destructions, Earthquakes and Flooding - and those were just the ones that made the headlines. As I watched the Boston terror unfolding on the TV, I couldnt help but think:  what is this world coming to? What kind of world are we creating for our kids? How can I protect you from all of this evil? What kind of world will you inherit? Will the madness ever really end? Has all the 'progress' we have made in the world really led to progress or will it ultimately lead to our destruction?

Sometimes I just have to shake my head and try not to make sense of it all. Not because I want to be oblivious (although sometimes I think that would be nice) - but because there is no sense to be made of it. This week a family will lay an 8 year old boy to rest merely because he was eating an ice cream cone and watching his Dad at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Where is the sense in that? There is no justifiable end to counteract the pain that family is suffering. What good is placing blame when it cannot undo the outcome? How do you pick up the pieces? How do you move on with the rest of your life? How do you not let the sadness and fear consume you? How do you to pick up your head and rise above? I do not know the answers and I pray to God I never find myself in the situation to have to figure them out.

 In the past few days I have written and deleted this post numerous times for fear of sounding too depressing and too negative. Now I realize I my biggest fear is sounding HOPELESS. The Sadness and fear will eventually subside but living without hope is not really living at all and I do not want my children to live in a world without hope.  As my dear friend has reminded me  - in the words of Frederick Douglas: "Its easier to raise strong children than to repair broken men." It is my responsibility as your mother and as a child of God and this World to secure the world for our children. We can't let the evil win. We must be the change we want to see in the world.

Parents, we are the example, we set the standard for which our children should aspire to and surpass! We have the choice to foster fear and hate in our kids or fill them with love and acceptance. It is our responsibility to teach our children how to make Good Choices. Of course our views will never all be the same - but if we learn to  simply be nice to one another and show some empathy maybe, just maybe, we can alter the course of where this world is headed -  If not for ourselves, then maybe for our children.

And you my Three Snowflakes, I promise you I will do all I can do to steer the course of your world in the right direction. I may not have it 100% correct all of the time, actually I can promise you that, but I will do my best everyday (psst - I can  probably do even better if you would all let me sleep thru the night once in awhile!)

To the family of those hurt and killed in the Boston bombings and the Texas fires my heart breaks for you and I hope you know the nation is behind you as you try to heal from these unthinkable tragedies. You are in thoughts and our prayers and will not be forgotten and may God Bless you all and America.

To my Isaac, Jakers, and Lucy I love you to Moon and back!

Love, Mommy

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