Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Dear Baby I,
I think the lapse in writing lately officially makes me a bad mom - or at least a bad blogger mom. I can not believe it has been over a month! Yeesh! Where does the time go...Oh that's right - I know - we have been just a 'teensy bit' busy the past few weeks. Let me back up just a bit....
November 8, we said a bittersweet goodbye to Denver and headed East on our latest chapter in the story of our unknown. It was bittersweet indeed. We definitely did not get enough time there to fulfill our liking - but we didnt have much in the line of options of either. The way I see it, if fate brings us back to the Rocky Mountains someday than so be it - there is definitely worse scenery to look at than the wide open spaces of Colorado! We spent our last few weeks there packing and playing. You and Sadie had a blast together - I will surely miss having the two of you together everyday, but I know soon enough you will have two new playmates to keep you going!
Since we have been in NEPA you have (of course) been King of the castle. You have turned Noni's house inside out and upside down and you take no prisoners in the process. I have been doing my best to try and keep you 'grounded' to avoid that "only child syndrome" but Im pretty sure I am failing miserably. You have become awfully demanding lately. I cant say Im a fan either. But you sure know how to turn on the charm school and theatrics when need be.  You have learned quickly that when Mommy says NO, Noni, Nono, Krissy, Gina, or anyone else (INCLUDING Daddy)  may just say YES... you are relentless - and too smart for your own good!
Newly developed Terrible twos attitude aside, you are quite the character lately. You definitely know how to put on a show - or at least command an audience and work a crowd. Im pretty sure no one will ever accuse you of being shy! You have plenty of new one liners too - my favorite being when you stroke my cheeks an say "mommy, you're such a good mommy" - you are quite the patronizer! Or "Mommy Im so proud of you" You are such a ham!
As I write this it is already New Year's Eve! I started this post right after Thanksgiving!
I cannot believe the holidays have come and gone and the year is ticking away - 50 minutes left to be exact! 
You had such an incredible Christmas this year - you were so much fun! This was the first year you had an idea of what was going on. You were very good for Elfie - your Elf on the Shelf - and you (and Max!) had so much fun looking for him every morning.  I can only hope your christmas wish lists of the future stay so simple as this year - a fire truck and cat food. The fire truck was a no brainer - the cat food was for Noni's ceramic christmas cat which you continue to feed and give glasses of milk too.'re an odd duck at times! It was so much fun to watch you open your gifts. At first you were a little unsure if it was okay to rip open  all those packages - but once you got in the mode there was no stopping you! Nobody's gifts were safe. If you saw wrapping paper you were opening it - even the gift boxes of candy in the closet weren't safe! 
It was a day full of remote control cars, trucks, fire engines and horses! Good thing your Daddy is so handy, otherwise Mommy would still be trying to pry those toys out of the packaging! Thank Goodness Santa ate all his cookies - and the reign deer ate their salad - because you were on one heck of a sugar high too! It was sensory overload! But we found one way to calm you down - finally a Cailou alternative - The Polar Express wins as the movie of the holiday! You LOVE it! So far we have seen it 6 times in 4 days - and each time I cannot help but smile watching you watch it. I hope you always hear the magic of the Christmas bells and BELIEVE in the magic of Christmas.
Well my little peekapooka I can go on and on about all the craziness and ups and downs we have had over the pat 2 months, but somehow watching you all peacefully snuggled up in bed for nap makes the roller coaster of it all seem like an insignificant blink of an eye. You are getting so big, so fast - I hate it! I hate that I already know in the back of my head that one day Im going to wake up and you are going to be a grown up punk who is too cool to snuggle with his mommy or spend the morning watching cartoons in bed! Time is flying and you are growing and changing daily - but you will always be 'my baby, my boobaa, mommy's peekapooka' Well another holiday season has come and is gone and I can only hope you it brought you a fraction of happiness and joy it has given me. You have been the world to me these past 3 Christmases and I can't even begin to imagine how different next Christmas will be with 3 of you to enjoy! I am sure  it will be nothing short of miraculous - my 3 perfect snowflakes!
I love you little man, and will continue to shower you and and smother you with my unsolicited love and affection everyday of your life. Sleep tight my little monkey - we have quite a new year ahead of us!
I love you Sir!

Love, Mommy

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