Sunday, June 5, 2011

On the Run

Dear Baby I

Have I ever told you watching you run makes me giddy?? Aside from your little white boy dance(/bounce) and your (not so) new found love of jumping, I cannot think of anything that makes me smile more than watching you run. Head bouncing like a bobble head and your "ahhhh" yell like you are talking into a fan, melts my heart every time I see it. Of course it usually end in some kind of fall or skinned knee, but you are quite the toughie! Usually you stand right up, smile, and say "I okay!" I know I say it time and time again - but you are the cutest kid ever kiddo!!
We have had such a busy May! After Gramma's visit - which you have since been saying "gramma go in blue truck" - we have been busy getting in summer mode. Not sure how spring crept in and snuck out so quickly, but the heat is here and my guess is it is here to stay. Your Daddy couldnt be happier! He can finally try out that new boat of his. Oh the boat. Im sure you will LOVE it, Mommy on the other hand may need some convincing. (like always)
Memorial Day was here and gone and the official start of summer has begun! We spent an awesome long weekend in NEPA. A surprise trip in to visit Noni and Nono. They were shocked - and loved having you around the house. The flight in was a nightmare. NIGHTMARE. I will never not buy you a seat again no matter how tempting it may be. YOu were tired, cranky, squirmy and LOUD! Did I mention it was a midnight flight? When we finally got to NEPA, Mommy was ready for a nap - a long nap!! YOu were ready to roll.
You made yourself right at home. Nona's room was rearranged in no time. You found all the breakables in seconds and just for Nono, you got as many crackers as you could find all over the floor! Perfect! You were running the show and had everyone eating right out of your hand! Just how you like it.
Nepa was hot and sticky - a not so fun combination - but you didnt seem to mind. You had so much fun sitting on the porch playing cars. I dont think Nono or Krissy ever sat on the porch in the heat so much! When it got too hot you were perfectly content in the house carting all your (my)"care burrs" from Nona's room to the living room - over and over again! You also wore yourself - and NOna out by teaching her to jump - over and over again!!

And then there was the parade. Oh the powers of the mighty West Wyoming Parade. You were over the moon!!! You were in awe of how many fire trucks could go down the street  - slowly -and throwing candy!!! It was like a dream come true!! And you got to sit on the curb and run out into the street to pick up your candy. Poor Emily had to restrain you from wanting to march off with the parade down the middle of the street! I never realized how far back a single parade could set back months of toddler training! You waved and waved your little arm off and shouted HI!! to every person who passed by. It was great! YOu were so happy - it (almost) made the the flight in worth it!
Since we have been back in Colorado we are still on the go-go-go!  Sadie was thrilled to have you back as you were equally excited to see her. Daddy had a boat sitting in the drive way (yeesh.). And it looks like the heat followed us back. Luckily the we left the mosquitoes behind, but the moths are crazy here - you keep yelling "butterfly" every 2 minutes!
Speaking of yelling - your vocabulary has taken a massive leap lately! you are starting to put together sentences - my favorite one being "Mommy, pretty is." Ok, I admit it - when you said that I cried - but just a little! You are also starting to sing your favorite songs - like "itchy itchy fider" and "Hoppy bertday to You. Bear" which is immediately followed by you giving yourself a big clapping "YEAH, now cake!" YOu are so damn cute I man!!!
It amazes me how much fun you are these days - and you are even sleeping like a champ (knock on wood) Everyday I wish I could freeze time and keep you at this age forever! But that wouldnt be fair to you- plus we don't have the freezer space! :)
So I will continue to watch you grow and learn and discover and I will write it all down just so I dont forget how amazingly cute all your little idiosyncrasies are - even your annoyingly cute cries of "its too dark" when you are out side in the sunshine or we have all the lights in the house on. Oh my I monkey you are truly the apple of my eye!
I love YOU Pirate Monkey Man!
Love, Mommy

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