Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hoppy Easter #2!!

Dear Baby I,
 Well it only took  approximately 19 months, 2 weeks, and 3 days for me to lose my reign of power. To my utter heart break and dismay the fateful time has come - you want DADA for everything. You wake up in the morning "Dada?" you "Dada? Dada?" all afternoon, and (sigh) you even crawl up in his at night for a bedtime story and to get tucked in!!
Dada! Dada! Dada! Are you trying to kill me??? All the sleepless nights, the screaming, the kicking, the pinching, the puking, the diapers, and now all I get is "Dada!" Ugh. Well thats it! It only took 33 years but I have completely turned into Noni! Between my ugly fuzzy bathrobe, the bad back, cooking too much, and my crying over every movie I watch I may as well just change my name to Little Sandy. Oh Kiddo look what you have done to me!! You are lucky you are so darn cute otherwise I would seriously consider  giving you  away to the gypsies I keep telling you about! :) At least there is only one name you call for in the wee hours of the night....Ah Mama!!! Lucky me!
To say you are at the "fun age" would be an understatement right about now! You are into everything - and so curious and daring!! We finally bought you a helmet - and thankfully you love to wear it. It has already paid for itself too! You learned the hard way you cannot jump out of the back of the Daddy's truck (even if it is parked  in the driveway of course). Lets not forget the your high 'clutz' level either - thankfully you had your helmet on when you were running so fast in the park you smacked right into a pole! Oh kiddo, I see lots of trips to the ER in our future!

Speaking of the ER, we had the scare of our life last week when you and Little Miss Sadie were being all devilish in the grocery store cart. Your little game of "who can rock the cart the hardest" turned into an ambulance ride to the ER when Sadie flipped out of the cart and whacked her head off the cement floor! Ugh! What a nitemare! Thankfully she is ok, just an extra easter egg on her head but when I think of all that could have happened I can kick myself for putting you two in the cart in the first place - at least without a helmet! You, on the other hand, could not have been more excited to get in the ambulance. Poor Sadie was crying her eyes out and you were beaming from ear to ear  - saying Truck! Truck! Oh my little monster....
Trucks seem to be the way to your heart these days. Trucks! Truck! Trucks! Is all I hear from the minute you wake up - to the (completely lame) TRUCKS book we read EVERY night before you go to bed. And nothing is more exciting than a fire truck or a dump truck! I swear every local fire fighter think I am a stalker when they see us at the grocery store. You want to hang out by the truck because you know they will let you sit in it and turn on the sirens! You are definitely all little boy these days - playing with your trucks, usually covered in mud, wearing your helmet and stomping around in your over sized snow boots. You are such the flirt too. Watch out ladies, this one will be trouble for sure!
Well my monster Truck jammer by the time I am finishing this one up, we find ourselves on Easter Morning. I do not even remember what day I started this post! Time sure flies and you surely keep me busy! We survived church this morning - albeit with a basket full of trucks and teddy grahams the Bunny left for you. We had a great egg hunt yesterday with all of our friends and you ate more candy and cookies than I thought possible! I think at one point Daddy pulled 12 jelly beans out of your mouth at one time! Ugh!! HOw are we going to get you to know that candy for breakfast and eating treats you find outside in the grass is not the norm! Im sure this will be a tricky for both of us!
Thankfully the Bunny was a little kinder to Mommy and left you a basket full of non edible treats books, tractors, matcha (motorcycles) - and of course many many chi chi - which you conveniently think are cookies - but are really granola bars! Shhh!! And of course PICKLES!!! YOu and your daddy eat more pickles than anyone I have any seen! We are having Easter Lunch/dinner in a few hours and you are already conked out from sugar overload! Do NOT get used to all this sugar kiddo - although I am kind of liking the instant nap that follows!

Well my little Jelly Belly I hope you have a great 2nd Easter! I cant believe how much fun you are having - we are having!! I love watching you discover the world around you and the excitement you get in all I would have normally taken for granted! You truly are Mommy's greatest blessing! Enjoy your nap because when you wake up the Bunny may have a thing or two up her sleeve!
I love you MOnster Baby MOnkey!
Love, Mommy

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  1. Love it Im glad I got to see one of his Easter Egg Hunts It was great The next best thing to being there.. Love you all & miss you LOve MOM