Monday, December 14, 2009

On our way to NEPA!!

It is almost time! Seems like just yesterday I bought the tickets! 6 weeks have passed and in a few short hours we will be sitting high in the sky on our way to Noni's house in NEPA for the holidays! I cannot wait! I think Sir I knew something was up too...He has been Baby Hell Boy all week! This time tomorrow Daddy and I will sitting fireside with some hot toddies pretending we dont hear him crying for Noni!!! Doesn't that sound great???? I can just hear Noni now trying to sooth the bedtime beast!
AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! How sweet it will be!!! I can almost taste the Frangelico in my cocoa now!
But lets be honest....until we are comfortable - and I mean COMFORTABLY sitting at 30,000 feet I will be a nervous wreck about Little Baby Dynomite exploding on the plane! I may start the drinking early!!! Ha! After weighing all the pros and cons, hmm's and ha's, we have decided NOT to bring the carseat on the plane. I hope it is the right decision! We will know tomorrow morning for sure if we are buying a new one to fly back with! :)  Little man hates the seat why lug it thru the airport if he is only going to sit on my lap? I know it will be easier for when he DOES fall asleep...but I'm sure those 20 minutes are not worth the hassle!
In other news we are officially 18 weeks old today... We had our 4 month Dr. visit and completed our shot records (for now).  I always feel like an idiot when the Dr asks me how is it going? I tell him the baby cries A LOT and he looks at me like "are you expecting him to bark"Because then i just think maybe i am a horrible mother who cant hack the crying? But really this kid can wail like no other! And he is damn good with the will power too! He will scream his bloody head off and then smile and coo the second you get in his face! 18 weeks old and the kid can already play me like a fiddle! He preys on weakness - I am sure that is a Nardell trait....Anywhoo...the Dr  then reassures me that Isaac is  right on track and probably just "going through a phase"....and to myself I think "an 18 week phase?" But I suck it up...really? what's one more night of mommy crying the shower afterall?
So we shall see how he does in NEPA...he was an ANGEL at GRamma Berta's house....and if he cant find enough to keep himself stimulated at Noni's then we are in trouble!
I will be sure to keep you all updated on the success of our trip! Thanks so much for all your tips - for some reason Dr's are HIGHLY against the benadryl suggestion so we are just going to stick a bobba in his mouth and hope for the best! If they ground us in Ohio and make us vacate the plane I will be sure to send our Season's Greetings from Cleveland! (God I hope not!)
Here we come East Coast!!!! I hope to see you all soon!

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